mercoledì, luglio 09, 2014


Denied the news on the ransom required for the nuns abducted in Mosul

By Baghdadhope*

The piece of news published today by the Avvenire * about a ransom that would have been required to release the two Chaldean sisters abducted in Mosul on June 28th along with two girls and one boy who lived in the orphanage ran by the Sisters that they had to leave earlier this month because of the "taking" of the city by the fighters of ISIS, is false.
The denial came directly from Baghdad to Baghdadhope by Monsignor Shleimun Warduni, Chaldean Patriarchal Vicar who, indignant, said that this kind of rumors can only "harm". He said he contacted the Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul, Monsignor Emil Shimoun Nona, who said that he had never issued a press release about the abduction.
Questioned by Baghdadhope about the existence of ongoing negotiations for the release of the hostages Msgr.Warduni said that no negotiation is in progress.
"There is nothing, nothing, nothing," concluded the prelate.

* Newspaper of the CEI - Italian bishops' conference

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