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Baghdad, October 31, 2010. VICTIMS.

By Baghdadhope*
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No one ever reads the lists of the dead in an accident or an attack. So it will be for the names of the Christians who died in Baghdad October 31 attack that destroyed the Syriac Catholic Church of Our Lady of Salvation.
This list exists in Arabic language and includes, by November 10, 45 names.
In Italy we know only two of them, those of the priests who were killed on the altar while celebrating the Holy Mass, Father Thair Sad-alla Abd-al and Father Waseem Sabeeh Al-kas Butros.
But what about the others?
Even if no one will ever read this list Baghdadhope wants to publish it because even these people are martyrs and as such they should be remembered, and in the hope that it will be republished by as many people as possible in blogs, social networks, sites, in print.

Among those people there was a beautiful girl with long brown hair recently married and pregnant with her first child, a man who leaves a wife and four daughters, a family of a man, his son, his daughter-in-law and his beloved grandson, a mother and her two children, a child with his mom and his dad, a man in his forties who will be weeped also in Sweden where part of his family lives and who saved his five years old son, Rami, shielding him with his body.
Men, women and children who will be buried in Baghdad or in the small villages in the north where they came from but who will remain forever in the memory of those who loved them. Syriac Catholics but also Syriac Orthodox because in the face of death people do not belong to a church church or another. They are only victims. Like them:

George Ayub Tobia (51 years old)
Nabil Elias Sam'an (46 years old)
Sahem Adnan Sa'du (20 years old, student)
Samir Kamel Usai (and his wife Nida' and his son Omar)
Nida' Hamid Istivan
Omar Samir Kamel Usai
Aziz Al Mezi (father of 4 daughters)
Yunan Kurkis Assaour (and his son Jean, his daughter-in-law Rita and his grandson Sandro)
Jean Yunan Kurkis Assaour
Rita Matti Kurkis Zaura
Sandro Jean Yunan Assaour (4 months)
Maha Nassif Banu (and her two sons Wisam and Salam)
Salam Adib
Wisam Adib
Faiz Abd-allah Ghazazi
Audai Zuhair Marsina Arab
Adam Audai Zuhaid Arab (3 years old)
Benham Mansour Boulos Momika (60 years old)
Ayub Adnan Ayub Bergu
Sabah Matti Hamami
Sa'ad Adur Assa'ati
Faris Najeeb Philip Hinnawi
Vivien Nasser Maru
Nadheer Abdul-Ahad Ana'i (67 years old)
Fadi Bahuda
Mazen Fadheel Elias Mahruk
Abd-Allah Haddad
Wamiq Haddad
Raghida Wafi Bishara
Nizar Jamil Matlub
Milad Nizar Jamil Matlub
Bassam Adnan Jamil Alkhouri
Adnan Jamil Alkhouri
Benham Mikhael Kafi (52 years old)
Salah Jerjis Abed Al-Ahad Qaqo
Kristin Nabil Tobia Katnawi
Raid Sad-alla Abd-al (Fr. Thair's brother)
Fadi Samir Habib Amso
Athel Najib Abodi
Nizar Hazim Abdel Rahim Assayegh
Suhaila Rufail Gani
Seham Saliwa Jajika (48 years old)
Hikmat Aziz Daqaq

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