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Patriarch Sako and Chaldean bishops visited Patriarch of All Georgia Elia II

By Chaldean Patriarchate

His Beatitude Patriarch Louis Sako, Patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church, along with the Chaldean bishops visited
 the spiritual leader of the Georgian Orthodox Church Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Elia II.  This historic gathering occurred on Sunday afternoon 2 October 2016.  The gathering occurred in the patriarchal residence.  After his welcoming, Patriarch Elia proclaimed his closeness to the Christians of Iraq and Syria.  He asked about the challenges, future and the situation of the Christians and stressed that peace is inevitable and hopefully soon.Patriarch sako thanked Him I for his gracious time and told him that the pastoral gathering with the Chaldean community in Georgia occurred because of the visit of the  Holy Father Pope Francis. “Today, since you are the Patriarch in Georgia, you are also the father of our community,” said Patriarch sako.  Patriarch Sako stressed that unity of our churches is necessary to fulfill the prayer of Jesus and for the credibility of our common witness. Patriarch Elia responded that unity is necessary and that there is a need to return to the original unity of the early Church.  The two Patriarchs exchanged gifts as a sign of affection between both Churches.  Patriarch Louis presented a Chaldean Cross emptied of the crucifix as a symbol of the resurrection and as a sign of overcoming all Christian persecution.  Patriarch Elia also presented a painting of St. George, the Christian knight, as a symbol of protection of the Church from persecution also.
The half hour gathering was sealed with the Lord’s Prayer prayed in Aramaic by the Chaldean Bishops.  This prayer is a blessing for us said Patriarch Elia.

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