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The naming and the challenges of the current phase of Christians

Patriarch Louis R. Sako

 My call and the call of the Chaldean League to adopt the name "Christian component" stems from the need to find a unified denomination that embraces all Christians at the present stage. This name does not conflict with existing national labels: Chaldeans, Syriacs, Assyrians and Armenians, and we have no choice but to name one to unify the positions and demands and thus preserve the national names listed in the Central Constitution and we hope to include the name of Syriac. We did not ask for a change in the names mentioned in the constitution, but rather, we called for a consensus between us to trade the name of a group and not to differentiate. We have seen that the "Christian component" is more widespread locally and internationally. This is an opinion we did not impose on anyone and we did not give up our Chaldean name until we accuse sectarianism!
We had proposed that a unified name be agreed on the basis of national belonging.
We did not succeed because of the intolerance of some and the interests of others. Frankly do not understand the reason for this sensitivity!
The problem is created by "internet growers" who live abroad and who do not know our painful reality and do not read from the statements except the title! Political parties are another reason for their subordination and adherence to their interests.
 There has to be a way out that is acceptable to us and to our subordination to this and that. That our liberated areas in the Nineveh Plain is divided between the center and the region ( Kurdistan ) There are parties who are with the center and who are with the territory and who dream of "territory or state" and military factions for protection, while the previous guards were unable to return to their homes and towns. All these people in my imagination lack rationality, wisdom and a clear vision for our future in the whole country
There is a need to think together to prepare a unified Iraqi Christian vision that will bring out a document that represents a real and realistic project to live in peace and security with our citizens in the Center and in the region ( Kurdistan ). It guarantees our rights and equality and guarantees our lives, our heritage, our regions, our language, our faith and our traditions.
I declare to all of you, that the target of the Chaldean patriarchate was and still to serve all.
We have made great efforts to receive the displaced from Mosul and the towns of the Nineveh Plain, and I have helped them without looking at their national or sectarian identity.
The town of Ankawa is a Chaldean model. It also enabled 800 university students from all the components From continuing their studies and feeding them and their residence in Kirkuk. The Chaldean Church paid great attention to these brothers from their Christian faith and their brotherly responsibility and defended their rights, and instead of words of thanks and encouragement, they received only criticism!
The Chaldean Church believes in openness to all and is keen to build bridges, advance the process of dialogue and tolerance and spread the concept of respect, citizenship and peaceful coexistence.
I personally do not care about the cheap criticism and the yellow rumors, but I took the responsible and constructive proposals.

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