martedì, febbraio 21, 2017


Let us dedicate our Lent Prayers fasting of this Year for Peace

By Chaldean Patriarchate

Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako

In light of the year dedicated for peace that I announced in early 2017, I would like to call on all daughters and sons of the Chaldean Church every where to devote their lent prayers of this year (26 February – 16 April, 2017) for Iraq, and for Iraqis to live in a fair and long-lasting peace.
I call also on dear priests to coordinate with their bishops in: holding joint prayers; organizing a special “way of the Cross”; dialogues; workshops; and different related activities, in order to promote a culture of peace and establish the values of co-existence, primarily in our hearts, so we will be able to share it with others.
Since all nations yearn for peace, then it is everybody's business, particularly clerics, who give peace a priority in their mission. Consequently, peace must be achieved by us as well as by politicians by launching courageous initiatives and making responsible decisions.
At the moment, we are going through the tunnel and ought to work hard and pray with no tiredness or boredom in order to have peace in our country and the region and for the safe return of the forcibly displaced people back to their homes and properties, after having such a bitter experience in camps.
Therefore, they need to join efforts and cooperate with each other so as to build their hometowns spiritually; intellectually; socially; and physically, to live together with respect, freedom, dignity and joy. This is the best solution to attain a true citizenship and full equality among people of the same country.

God bless you in this lent and beyond.

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