giovedì, febbraio 21, 2013


Caritas summit in Amman, help for Syrian refugees

By Misna

“This morning we had the opportunity to speak with King Abdullah about the situation of Syrian refugees. Jordan is facing an unprecedented influx of people with few resources: thus did say to MISNA Bishop Giorgio Bertin, Bishop of Djibouti and President of Caritas Somalia, who has been visiting Amman for the meeting of Caritas Middle East and North Africa.
“People fleeing conflict and violence are hungry. We are talking about 380,000 people including many women and children in Jordan alone, in addition to many in Lebanon and 15,000 in Turkey. These days we are discussing how to coordinate aid and projects to provide support for the refugee camps that have sprung up near the country’s borders,” said the Bishop, pointing out that for those who remain in Syria the situation is equally, if not more, difficult. ”
“The families have difficulty finding enough food,” said the Chaldean Bishop of Aleppo and president of Caritas Syria, Bishop Antoine Audo, who was also in the Jordanian capital for the international Caritas meeting. Apart from the most vulnerable, even people, once members of the  middle class are suffering, who have trouble and feel shame at having to seek help from charitable institutions,” observed the Bishop of Syria’s second largest city, the scene of violent clashes that led to the closure of more than 80% of the jobs that existed before the conflict.
For this reason, the Jordanian king has called for the opening of humanitarian corridors in the country to improve the living conditions of the Syrian population and to reduce the influx of refugees headed for the Hashemite Kingdom.
This year, the summit in Amman is being attended by more than 40 bishops, priests and heads of the various national structures. The meeting was also attended by auxiliary Chaldean bishop of Baghdad Shlemon Wardouni, President of Caritas Iraq, and Cardinal Robert Sarah, and the Pontifical Council Cor Unum.

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