giovedì, aprile 06, 2017


Barzani Commends Iraqi Christians' Endurance During Challenging Times

Foto BasNews

Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani received on Thursday a delegation of Iraqi Christian clergymen from different sects including Catholics, Chaldeans, Assyrians and others, Kurdistan Region Presidency reports.
Barzani highlighted Christians' endurance during these challenging times which all the Iraqi components are going through, particularly the "existential threat from the terrorists of the Islamic State."
The diversity of Iraq as a whole and the Kurdistan Region, in particular, is of immense importance to the people and government of Kurdistan Region, Barzani said.
The Christian delegation extended gratitude to the people and government of Kurdistan Region for their continued support to Christians, lauding the role of the Peshmerga forces in liberating some of the key areas inhabited by Iraqi Christians.
Moreover, the delegation conveyed their condolences to the families of the Peshmerga forces who have paid the ultimate price for the liberation of areas which were captured by the Islamic State militants.

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