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Meeting of the Chaldean Bishops in Iraq

By Chaldean Patriarchate
5 April 2016
The Chaldean Bishops in Iraq held a meeting chaired by His Beatitude, Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako in the morning of Tuesday 5 April 2016 at the Patriarchate summer headquarters in Ankawa, Erbil. The attendees were:
1.      Auxiliary Bishop, Mar Shlemon Warduni
2.      Auxiliary Bishop, Mar Basilios Yaldo
3.      Auxiliary Bishop (retired), Mar Jacques Isaac
4.      Bishop of Alqosh, Mar Mikhael Maqdassi
5.      Archbishop of Erbil, Mar Bashar Warda
6.      Archbishop of Kirkuk and Sulaimanyia, Mar Yousif Toma
7.      Archbishop of Basrah, Mar Habib Al-Nawfali
8.      Father Yushia Lazaar from the Diocese of Zakho and Amedyia representing bishop Rabban Al-Qas, who is abroad.
9.      Father Kiryakos Mekho from the Diocese of Aqra
The agenda covered the following subjects that have been discussed thoroughly:
  His Beatitude, the Patriarch of the Chaldean Church started the meeting by welcoming the attendees and stressing the importance of holding regular meetings between bishops, and the necessity of adopting an appropriate leadership in their dioceses, especially in Iraq that should go in parallel with the rapidly changing developments.  His Beatitude also reminded bishops to face problems with courage and clarity without any fears or hesitation and to be; motivated by faith; inspired by prayers; fed by the word of God; branded by wisdom and compassion (mercy), and they should not leave loose ends that may impact the future of the Church. His Beatitude, the Chaldean Patriarch renewed his call to sustain education and keep up with developments in society. Afterwards, they discussed security and economic situation and the significance of dealing with the consequences by cautiousness and carefulness. His Beatitude also asked the bishops to be one team and maintain communication with the Patriarchate for better coordination.
Displaced People Conditions: The church will continue doing its’ best to stand by them, support them, raise their spirit (hope) as well as thinking of dioceses that are not receiving aids on regular basis. Regarding immigration, Bishops and Priests should be committed to support people rather than encouraging them to leave, but also to respect their personal decisions and related responsibilities.
Preparation of Priests: All the attendees expressed their regret for what happened in the diocese of Canada: the incident of Father Amer Saka (gambling), and in Vancouver Parish, it is sad to see some of the parishioners joining the Anglican Church under the name of Chaldean Catholic which intersects with the unity and communionship of the church. They also felt sorry that some priests and monks left their diocese in Iraq to join others abroad (at the diaspora). They concluded that all this is an outcome of lacking a well spiritual and theological formation. Therefore, they agreed to find ways of sustainable formation and will agree on a meeting with all Iraqi priests later.
His Beatitude asked all bishops to be committed to the synod decisions.

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