lunedì, dicembre 11, 2017


USA Should Respect Decisions of the United Nations about Jerusalem

Patriarchate Statement
As a superpower, the United States of America has the obligation to pursue peace, justice and prosperity in the world, rather than complicating issues by conflicts and wars. This was obviously clear in Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and transferring the US embassy to it, knowing that such decision will trigger the fire in an area that is already inflamed.
Therefore, we call upon the US administration to respect the UN decisions and to keep Jerusalem as it is now, and to reverse this pronouncement that might drag the region into extremism and violence. We also call on all those involved in this dispute to adopt rationality and wisdom, since violence does not serve the Palestinian and Arab case at all. Hence, we urge both sides to use the diplomatic channels and legitimate means.
We the Christians, are preparing for Christmas “the birth of love and peace”, by praying with all those of good will for reconciliation and stability in the Holy Land, surrounding countries and the whole world.

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