lunedì, maggio 29, 2017


International Conference on Victims of Ethnic and Religious Violence in the Middle East

The Chaldean Archbishops of Basra and the south, Habib Jajou and of Kirkuk, Yousif Toma participated in the International Conference on Victims of Ethnic and Religious Violence in the Middle East held in Madrid, Spain on Wednesday, 24 May. They participated in the conference on behalf of His Beatitude Mar Luis R. Sako. Dozens of political leaders from 59 countries and 16 UN organizations came to adopt an action in support of the Iraqi and Syria Christians, Yazidi and other minorities.
The conference was organized by the Spanish and Jordanian foreign ministries. It was the second version of the Paris conference for the same goal in 2015.
Archbishop Jajou thanked the Western Church groups, UN organizations and all NGOs for their supportive programmes and projects ‘But people needs more humanitarian, legal and political undertakings’ he added.
He highlighted several vital points, namely the bad situation for the displaced people in Nineveh Plain; the dangers posed by ISIS, where he said "because of the extremist mentality of several political and religious leaders ‘we have to monitor the incitement and discrimination and move forward with social resilience and protection of the national fabric of different religious and cultures’. He criticized the poor role of the international community in countering the irrational propaganda of the extremists. He also called for to establishment of an international law to criminalise who finance or encourage terrorism.
He emphasized refusal to use terms like ‘minority or ethnic’ which isolate the communities with lesser rights. He suggested the title ‘multicultural society’ instead of ‘society with culture diversity’.
He, furthermore, confirmed the need to re-draft the Iraqi constitution especially, Article 2 and the Personal Status Law, Article 26, and called for educating the new generation, through reforming the education curriculums in schools; to work for people’s equality and protect the dignity of the human person, namely woman's and children's rights.

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