mercoledì, dicembre 23, 2015


Italy opens Consulate General in Erbil


Italy will open a Consulate General in the Kurdistan Region capital of Erbil on Tuesday (Dec. 22), following the country’s Parliament Speaker’s arrival to Erbil, a senior official confirmed Tuesday.
Member of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Department of Foreign Relations, Abdulkhaliq Mohammed, told NRT that the Italian representative will arrive in Erbil Tuesday for the Consulate opening.
Italy already has an Embassy Consular Office in Erbil to carry out basic functions in the region and to improve the country’s relations within the Kurdistan Region but the Consulate with full functions is a step forward.
Mohammad said “Italy Parliament Speaker will change the office to Consulate General, which is the highest representative office after Embassy.”
Up to 33 countries have representation offices in Erbil, including the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.
A KRG delegation headed by Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani visited Italy in March to discuss bilateral relations between both sides and the latest developments in the war against Islamic State (IS).
During the meetings with Italian officials, Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni told the KRG delegation that his country had planned to upgrade Italy’s diplomatic representation to Consulate General.
According to the Erbil Governorate website, Gentiloni said the decision was the evidence of the importance that Italy placed in its relationship with the Kurdistan Region.

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