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Mar Louis Raphael I Sako's message: "The unity of the Church of the East"

By Baghdadhope*

Below the original English version of the message by the Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako about the proposed reunion of the Chaldean Church, the Assyrian Church of the East, and the Ancient Church of the East for the sake of unity and survival in Iraq received by Baghdadhope a few minutes ago.
The original message in Arabic was published yesterday by the Patriarcate Website and you can read it by clicking here:
Here you can read yesterday interview to Mar Sako by Baghdadhope (Italian)

"The unity of the Church of the East"

I would like to share some personal thoughts with those of others, since they may contribute to achieving the project of "the unity of the Church of the East".
Unity is the commandment of the Lord Jesus, "so that they may be one" (John 17/11), and the demand of Christians who face significant challenges that threaten their existence in diaspora with assimilation, and in the motherland with extinction.
I propose that we adopt a single denomination for the church: The Church of the East as it was for many centuries, and that we not maintain the factional denominations.  The single denomination will give it strength and momentum, and it can become a model for other churches.
The communion of faith and unity with the Holy Roman See is a fundamental base of unity.  It is an increase of power, not a decrease, especially since there is no difference in doctrine, but only in its formal expression.  Therefore, to think of disassembling the link of “the Church of the East” with the See of Rome would be a great loss and cause of weakness. Unity does not mean uniformity, nor the melting of our own church identity into one style, but it maintains unity in diversity and we remain one apostolic universal church, the Oriental Church, that maintains its independence of administration, laws and liturgies, traditions and support through respect for the authority of the Patriarch and the Synod of Bishops.
After deliberation and dialogue between the three branches and the acceptance of this communion with Rome:
1. The current Patriarchs: Louis Raphael Sako, Patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church, and Mar Addai II, Patriarch of the ancient Church of the East, would submit their resignations without any conditions, but their desire for unity.
2. The Bishops of the three churches would meet to choose a new Patriarch.
3. The elected Patriarch should have assistants from each branch to enhance the “weft” (the permanent Synod).
4. The Patriarch and the Synod would leave national interests to the laity, because the church should be open to everyone and concerned with the best interests of all.
5. The Patriarch and the Synod would prepare for a General Synod to develop a new road-map for The One Church of the East.

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