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Chaldean Catholic Patriarch, Iraqi Prime Minister Discuss Plight of Christians


On Wednesday afternoon, October 9, 2013, His Beatitude Patriarch Mar Louis Raphael I Sako visited His Excellency the Iraqi Prime Minister Mr. Nouri Al-Maliki to congratulate him on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, and discussed with him some points concerning the Christians in the country that would encourage them to stay in their country, which received a positive response from His Excellency the Prime Minister .
His Beatitude asked His Excellency the Prime Minister to employ the Christian youth within the government departments to affirm their existence in their country; also discussed was the matters of guarding the churches and the acquisition of some people over Christians' houses. His Beatitude Patriarch Sako proposed on Mr. Al-Maliki doing an awareness campaign through media and mosques and churches to promote a culture of living together and maintaining national unity and reject all forms of violence. He also stressed the unity of the Country's officials for its security and stability, because split and division reflect negatively on the street .
His Excellency the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of unity and understanding between all parties as it has positive reflection on the street, and promised compensation for churches and putting Christian guards, opening more work opportunities for the Christians within the State's public services, and pursuing whoever had forcibly seized the homes of Christians and their property.
In the visit, His Beatitude was accompanied with His Excellency Auxiliary Bishop Shlemon Warduni, Father Saad Syrob, pastor of St. Joseph Chaldean parish, and Father Albert Hisham, Chaldean Patriarchate Media Administrator.

Translated by AINA. Original source: Chaldean Patriarchate web site 

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