venerdì, aprile 22, 2011


Pope's answers: On Italian TV, "Help the reconstruction process in Iraq"


“I pray everyday for Christians in Iraq”. Speaking on the Italian television programme “A Sua immagine” (“In His image”), Benedict XVI gave this answer to the young people from Baghdad who asked him how to convince persecuted Christians not to emigrate.
According to the Pope, it is important that “we do all we can to ensure that they remain, that they resist the temptation to migrate”, also by showing that “we are close to you, dear brothers in Iraq, that we want to help you”. And “institutions, all those who can really do something for you in Iraq, should do that”. The Holy See “is in constant contact with the different communities, not only Catholic communities and other Christian communities, but also with the Muslim brothers, both Sunni and Shiite. And we wish to carry out a work of reconciliation, of understanding, even with the government, to help it in the difficult task of rebuilding a torn society. Because the problem is that society is deeply divided”.
There is a need to rebuild the “awareness” that “there is a common history” in diversity. “And in dialogue with the different groups, we want to help the reconstruction process and encourage you, dear Christian brothers in Iraq, to have faith, to be patient, to trust in God, to collaborate in this difficult process”, he concluded.

Click here for the exact text of the question and Benedict XVI's answer

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