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"Year of Faith": New academic year at Babel College

By Baghdadhope*

In the photo by Bishop Jacques Isaac
On Monday, October 1, the new academic year of Babel College, the only Christian theological faculty in Iraq started. The course of study dedicated to the Year of Faith, was opened by a ceremony attended by many  people.  Among them, Father Fadi Lion, rector of the Chaldean Major Seminary of St. Peter and Secretary of Babel College, Archbishop Bashar M. Warda, Chaldean Archbishop of Erbil, Toma Eramia, bishop of Nineveh and Dohuk of the Ancient Church of the East and of course, Bishop Jacques Isaac, Patriarchal Vicar and Rector of Babel College.
The institute was founded in 1991 at the behest of the Chaldean Synod to teach philosophy and theology to church members and lay people. In 1994 it became a member of the Association of universities and seminaries in  Middle East. Since 1997 the college is affiliated with the Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome and over the years the Institute signed cooperation and exchange of teachers agreements with the Pontifical University of Theology of the Holy Spirit in Kaslik, Lebanon (2000) and the Faculty of Theology in Fribourg, Switzerland (2010).
Babel College, that was relocated from Baghdad to Ankawa for security reasons in January 2007 comprises also the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences for the preparation of catechists that has two branches, one in Baghdad and one in Ankawa.
Babel College, inspired by the ecumenical vision, welcomes students from all Christian denominations. The full duration of its courses is of 6 years (2 of philosophy and 4 of theology) for a total of 125 days of instruction and about 500 hours per year.

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