lunedì, ottobre 08, 2012


A booklet for the First Communion for the Chaldean kids living in German speaking countries.

By Baghdadhope*

Kids belonging to the Chaldean Church who live in Germany and Austria have now a new tool for their preparation to their full Christian life.
A 67 pages full colour illustrated booklet has been published in  Munich for the preparation to the sacrament of the First Communion.
The booklet, edited by Father Sami Danka,  the head of the Chaldean Mission in Germany, is based on the method of catechism teaching used by the priest when he was pastor of the church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Baghdad and it will be published soon in Arabic.
“The booklet” these are the words of Father Danka to Baghdadhope, “was written for the kids to know better Jesus Christ as their true friend" and is dedicated to parents who "want a bright future for their children in secular life and possibly in the religious one” and to the educators who, along with the families and the church "make children aware of their being the future missionaries in the world."
The booklet is divided into 18 lessons - the title of the first is "God speaks to men’s hearts" - and each of them contains the topic, a summary, the prayers and the questions the kids have to answer to.
The decision to publish the booklet in German, according to Father Danka, is an obvious choice since most of the children born in Germany and Austria do not speak either Arabic or Aramaic (the liturgical language of the Chaldean Church) but it is also a way to strengthen  their connection  with the church and consequently their bond with their roots that tragic events weakened.

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