domenica, aprile 08, 2012


Christians' nightime Easter celebrations show Kirkuk is stable, says governor

Kirkuk's governor described the Easter prayers by Christians last night as a sign that the security situation in the province is improving and moving towards stability.
"The Christians held their prayers for the first time at night and this shows the improved security situation," said governor Najm al-Din Omar Karim during his visit this morning to the Kirkuk Chaldean Christians Cathedral.
"We congratulate you on this occasion and we feel very happy because we share your joy."He assured that Christians are of great importance in the hearts of people in Kirkuk and Iraq.
"We hope this event will contribute to the consolidation of the ties of brotherhood, love and tolerance between religions, sects and ethnic groups," added Karim.
He said the Kirkuk administration is seeking to provide better services to the people of the province in all religions, sects and ethnic groups.
Priests Asilo Aziz Rassam and Ustaifan Rabban praised the efforts of the Kirkuk governor to improve the province and its services.
The priests said they hoped Christians from overseas will "return to their homeland to help build their city".Kirkuk's Christians held their prayers from 9.00pm until midnight yesterday.

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