martedì, luglio 05, 2011


Iraq's Constitution, Laws, secure decent life for Christians, MP says

By Aswat al-Iraq,

The Chairman of the Iraqi Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee has said on Monday that
“Iraqi Christians enjoy chances for decent living, according to the constitutional and legal frameworks that don’t differ between them and others.” "Sheikh Human Hammoudi has conferred with the Australian Ambassador to Baghdad on bilateral relations and means for their further development, as well as inviting Australia to help in rendering services and the rehabilitation of the Iraqi State, making use of the Australian experience in the fields of agriculture and water,” a statement by Hammoudi’s office said.
On the other hand, Sheikh Hammoudi said that Iraqi Christians
“enjoy chance for decent living, according to the constitutional and legal framework, that does not differentiate between them and other Iraqi citizens, thing that their Christian brothers in other countries don’t enjoy.” “They also practice their religious duties and worshipping with full freedom, according to the Constitution,” he said, “stressing that terrorism had no religion or conviction, because it targets all Iraqis.”
The statement pointed out that
“both sides have also discussed the issue of the American presence in Iraq, the trimming down of the government and national reconciliation,” adding that “Sheikh Hammoudi had called on both Iraqi and American sides to implement their commitments, by practicing their Security Agreement, including the withdrawal of the U.S. forces from Iraq.”

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