martedì, agosto 02, 2011


Kirkuk: bomb found in front of the evangelical Presbyterian Church

By Baghdadhope*

After the attack on the Church of the Holy Family (contrary to what has been reported by agencies it would be a Syriac Catholic and not a Syriac Orthodox church), that destroyed it on last night and that also injured at least fifteen persons among the families living nearby, including a priest, Father Imad Yelda, and a kid just 20 days old, the site reports that another explosive device has been found in front of the Evangelical Presbyterian church in the city.
To discover the bomb, a mixture of explosive and gasoline hidden in a car, were the guards of the church who alerted the security forces that will defuse it by detonating it.
If the news of the discovery of the bomb in front of the evangelical church it could be the umpteenth co-ordinated attack on churches in Iraq, and right at the beginning of the Muslim holy period of Ramadan, celebrated yesterday by the Christian community in Kirkuk with a donation of medicines to the hospitals of the city and a letter of congratulations signed by Chaldean Archbishop Louis Sako.
Waiting for further news.

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