mercoledì, ottobre 19, 2016


Iraqi army liberates another ISIS-held Assyrian town east of Mosul

Paul Antonopoulos

The Iraqi army have just liberated the Assyrian town of Karemlash from ISIS to the east of Mosul.
The town lays 6km north of Qaraqosh, which was liberated earlier in the day.
Karemlash had a pre-ISIS invasion population of around 10,000 before they all fled to Erbil with the withdrawal of Kurdish forces.
During the ISIS occupation, an 80-year-old Assyrian woman was sentenced to death for "failing to comply with the strict laws of the Islamic State". The terrorist group also destroyed a large portion of the Historic Mar Behnam Monastery.
Paul Antonopoulos
Deputy-Editor at Al-Masdar News, Lecturer at Charles Sturt University and Researcher at Western Sydney University. MA in International Relations.

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