lunedì, maggio 02, 2016


Appeal to the Iraqi Politicians

We call upon you, with a saddened heart and sorrow because of what is happening in Iraq and how people are suffering from violence, poverty and misery!
You are all aware of the government institutions’ failure, the disruption of law, delayed solutions and the essential reform demanded by people. All of which is a result of the divided political scene, not achieving a real national reconciliation as well as the conflict of interests and ambitions that has been demonstrated recently.
Relying on our human, national and moral responsibilities, we urge all Iraqi politicians to adopt wisdom, quietness in addition to making every possible effort for a truthful reconciliation to put an end for such institutional, economic and security deterioration. We are also calling, to unite all the counterparts by having a clear vision and a shared coordinated plan to liberate the entire Iraqi territories and work together for peace and stability in the country to enable the returning home of all the displaced people.
Enough is enough; we have had enough of disunions and dispersions. Focus on the future of your country, the future of your fellow citizens. As your brothers, in millions are dying from poverty and diseases, Iraqis deserve much better than that.

Dr. Louis Raphael Sako
Chaldean Patriarch in the world

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