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Winter is coming for Mosul refugees: We need your help

Milk and bread for children, clothes, medicine, work, two generators to make up for the lack of electricity, monthly school bus fares for children: this is list of urgent needs sent to AsiaNews by Fr. Samir Youssef who is appealing for aid from the campaign "Adopt a Christian from Mosul."
Samir is parish priest of the diocese of Amadiya-Dohuc in northern Kurdistan, which has welcomed and sheltered 3500 Christian, Muslim and yazide families who fled from Mosul and the Nineveh Plain last year, to escape the violence of the Islamic state. Thanks to the aid they have received thus far, explains Fr. Samir, " we help to keep the flame of hope alive in them that our Lord Jesus Christ is with them that even if they had to leave everything they had in His name and for His love, He will never abandon them."
AsiaNews has decided to support the projects suggested by Fr. Samir Youssef. Therefore, we appeal to all our readers and friends to donate what they can to our campaign "Adopt a Christian from Mosul," details of how to make a donation are provided below.

Dear Fr. Bernardo,
First of all I would like to thank you for what you and AsiaNews are doing for us and for our cause: whenever you write about our tragedy, the tragedy of the Christian and Yazidi refugees, you help us to find solidarity, and overcome a sense of having been abandoned. Thousands of people are fleeing with nothing, for over a year they have been coming here in order to escape certain death; the roots of Christianity, sowed on the Nineveh plain since the first century AD have been comepletly wiped out in one night.
One year on from the beginning of this tragedy, we – the local Chaldean Church- are now finding it almost impossibile to continue facing this emergency, to come to the aid of these people who are fleeing from the fury of  IS: we feed them, we give them accommodation and guarantee medicines and care.
In this way we help to keep the flame of hope alive in them that our Lord Jesus Christ is with them that even if they had to leave everything they had in His name and for His love, He will never abandon them.
But our aim is also to show that God’s love is for all the people that we are hosting: there are not only Christians (of all denominations) but also Yazidis and Muslims. And to do this, we rely on the charity of the Catholic Church worldwide, our patriarch of the Chaldean Church Mar Luis Sako and the good will of many Christians and benefactors such as the readers of AsiaNews.
For over a year now we have been living in a difficult situation: the people are out of work and we have to give them not only food but also "cash" to buy bread and milk and other small necessities, for them and for their children . Every day we face a list of bills to pay (fuel, water, electricity). Our daily work is not limited only to necessities: our mission as a Church is also to strengthen the faith of those who are in suffering and despair and encourage them not to be afraid. And now winter is coming and we face even greater concerns:
1) Finding the means to transport students to school, so they will not lose another school year.
2) Providing 200 families with  the money to buy clothes for their children and other needs that must be addressed, especially in view of winter.
3) Paying for two electricity generators, in two refugee centers, because the electric current is supplied only a few hours a day and often not every day.
We once again appeal to your generosity and thank you in advance for any help and support you can give. We pray for you, and we ask you to do the same for us.
Fraternal greetings to you and to all AsiaNews readers.
Samir Yousif Al-khoury

Donations can be made in a number of ways.

Indicate that the donation is for 'AsiaNews - Adopt a Christian from Mosul':
- Via Credit Card from site (Click on 'Your Donation - Donate')
- Italian postal account no. 45443009, payable to the Pontificio Istituto Missioni Estere, under "causale" 'AsiaNews - Adopt a Christian from Mosul'
- Via bank transfer to the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME) - AsiaNews - C/C 05000/1000/00118726
at BANCA PROSSIMA S.p.A. for social enterprises and communities, Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo MILAN BRANCH
Bank details/IBAN: IT98G0335901600100000118726
Swift Code: BCITITMX
Causale (payment for) 'AsiaNews - Adopt a Christian from Mosul'
- Via bank draft, addressed to
AsiaNews c/o PIME
Via Guerrazzi 11
00152 Rome RM

For donations that can benefit from a tax deduction/credit:
Bank transfer: payable to
Fondazione PIME Onlus,
Credito Valtellinese S.C. - Piazza San Fedele, 4-20121 MILAN (Italy)
IBAN IT 11 W 05 216 000 000 005 733 01630
Bank Identifier Code (BIC): BPCVIT2S
Please, always send a fax (to 02.4695193) or an email (to to confirm the transfer, specifying name and address (to receive tax deduction/credit receipt).

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