martedì, aprile 21, 2015


TentED: educating displaced children in Iraqi Kurdistan. Father Douglas Bazi.

By Baghdadhope*

What weapons do the Iraqi Christian have to defend themselves and their next generations? 
Culture. To become ambassadors of peace, as Father Douglas Bazi of Mar Eliya Church in Erbil says.
Listen to the voices of the Iraqi christian children displaced by ISIS and to that of the priest who explains how important culture is for them. 
"Kids are smart, give them the opportunity and they will be ready. If someone asks me: "can you?" I will say: "Yes we can!" but "can you help us?" 
says the priest who is cooperating with EPIC in TendEd, a project committed to supporting the education of displaced children in Kurdistan (Iraq) that in 2014 equipped the hundreds of children living in Mar Eliya Church complex with classroom materials, recreation supplies and a well furnished library (700 books). 

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