martedì, gennaio 13, 2015


Militants of the Islamic State (ISIL) Tightens a citizen in Mosul because of false testimony about Christian properties

Younes Thanon – Translated by Rashwan Issam Al-Daqaq

Witnesses said to our correspondent that the militants of the Islamic state have tightened this citizen on one of the electric poles at the center of the city of Mosul in Bab Altoob. They did that because he lies on the militants about the ownership of a cooking gas bottle that belong to one of the Christians houses left in Mosul. The witnesses added that the militants withheld this person and took the gas bottle for themselves as it is spoils belong to the Islamic State. A number of militants from the Islamic State in Mosul tightened one of the citizens with ropes on the electric poles in one of the city streets. They put a sign on his body saying “false witness”.

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