mercoledì, gennaio 28, 2015


Islamic State Torches Armenian Church in Mosul

Iraq–Militants of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, have burned down an Armenian church in the Wahda neighborhood of Iraq’s second largest city, reported
Armenpress confirmed the report, adding that the church, which was targeted by ISIS militants, was the new church and the not the old St. Etchmadizin Church.
A representative of the Armenian Diocese told Armenpress that the church was looted and bombed two years ago. In June, ISIS militants also attacked the same church, when they invaded Mosul, after which Armenians and Christians were driven out and fled to nearby provinces of Kurdistan.
Saed Mamuzini, a Kurdistan Democratic Party official from the city, told BasNews, “IS insurgents continue to torch and destroy public places, people’s homes and shrines.”
“They systematically destroy homes and shrines on a daily basis,” said Mamuzini.
“The church belongs to the Armenian Christians and was regularly used for worship,” added Mamuzini.

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