sabato, settembre 01, 2012


In Baghdad prayers for the Syrian people. Christians: "Supporters of peace"

By Baghdadhope*

In mid-August in the Chaldean church of Mar Eliya Al Hiri in Baghdad, the congregation dedicated their prayers to the Syrian people.
The thought for that suffering people, and in particular for the Christian minority, Syrian and Iraqi, who didn’t want - or couldn’t - leave Syria, however, is still in the prayers of Iraqi Christians.
To those unfortunate brothers were in fact dedicated the prayer intentions on last Friday, August 31, in the Chaldean Church of St. Joseph in Baghdad where for the occasion faithful from other parishes gathered.
As reported to Baghdadhope by Father Albert Hisham the prayers found inspiration from the verse, "Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield." (Psalm 5, 13). The prayers were followed by hymns and meditation on the evil in the world inspired by the words of the parish priest of the church, Father Saad Sirop, who recalled how the presence of Christians in those lands torn by war and violence has one primary purpose, because "we are here because we are Christians and our vocation is to be supporters of peace. "

Errata corrige: The church where the prayers took place is Saint George and not Saint Joseph church. Father Saad Sirop is Saint Joseph parish priest. 

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