lunedì, luglio 25, 2011


A group of ten French Catholics to accompany 20 Iraqis from Kirkuk to WYD

By Asia News
by Joseph Mahmoud

The ten young French Catholics who arrived yesterday in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk are spending Monday with Christian families. Meeting their hosts will allow them to learn more about the hardships Christians endure, especially the 20 young local Catholics with whom they will participate in World Youth Day in Madrid, next month.

The French group, five women and five men, came to Kirkuk to bear witness and show solidarity to the Christian families. They brought 30 kilograms of medical drugs, which they will give out in the places they will visit. In fact, they are scheduled to travel to Soulaymaniya, Erbil, Karakosh (Nineveh Plains), Alkosh, Dohok and Amadiyia.
It was a moment of great ecclesial communion for everyone. The young French men and women took part in the Mass celebrated by Mgr Louis Sako. They also sang with the church choir.
After the service, the young visitors met local Christians of the same age in a large hall for a meal prepared especially for them.
During Mass, the young French guests gave a boost to the local Christian community when some of them spoke about their own faith experience. Others described instead how they discovered the beauty of the eastern service and the courage shown by local Christians against the backdrop of the difficulties they have to face.

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